Kut game

Rienzilla vs. Adlermann

Ranked game! mouhahahah

[Replay] Rienzilla vs. Eshez

Not a chance ...

[Replay] Ftang and Cartogan vs. Rienzilla and slinfolo

Not a chance... Although I could have lasted a lot longer if I hadn't sent my commie into his aurora's :)

[Replay] Adlermann, Rienzilla and Banbarian vs. DI_HAVOC, DI_Nightshadow, hero4zero

A nice 3v3 on Open Palms. Banbarian starts well, but he disconnects after a minute or 10, so Adlermann and I have to finish the job alone.

I tried to improve my build strategy here: Since there are not that much masspatches, I start with only 6 factories, and then start spamming massfabs and powergens. Production is going quite well, until I screw up my economy by building artilleries.

[Replay] Adlermann and Rienzilla vs. BluescreenISU and duke-styx

Adlermann and I tried to take on BluescreenISU and duke-styx today... bad idea :)

New TDS site

The new TDS website has been launched.
Well, that's about it.

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